Every single day our world becomes more complex and diverse. New technologies are emerging, novel transport types and modes are being created shifting the mind towards new solutions in transport planning and management. To challenge these increased demands for sustainable development in the transport field, one has to apply the best accessible tools on the edge of knowledge, which can reckon with plenty of external factors and conditions.

We believe that the essence of future transport systems development requires excellence in huge data processing, merging, and integration of the existed management systems, as well as in considering hundreds of changes occurring around to provide perfect real-time decision-making. We call this — «Set the beauty of movement».
Specialists – engineers,
economists, programmers
Traffic flow modeling projects
Our unique team has solved hundreds of transport problems worldwide and accumulated vast experience in local and large-scale projects. In our work, we adhere to the approach that quality always goes first, and any customer or partner dealing with SIMETRA is assured of the best grade work done in time.
Years experience in transport planing and modelling
Two new areas have been added to the company, in ITS development and industrial automation.

The main projects of the year are Public transport system development program for the city of Krasnodar, updating the state company AVTODOR Unified Transport Model and Moscow Agglomeration Transport Model as well as demand assessment for Ring Road-2 in St. Petersburg and Meridian International Motorway.

Together with the Association of Transport Engineers we have launched Russia's first online course on creating transport models.

The total coverage of the annual survey "Rating of Russian cities by quality of public transport" has exceeded 77 million readers.

The new version of the Transport Modelling module of the RITM³ integration platform allows the creation of transport models.
Supply and implementation of intelligent transport systems in the regions and industrial facilities of the Russian Federation.

Development of the transport master plan for the Samarkand agglomeration (Uzbekistan) with the launch of the first public information resource in the CIS region to monitor the progress of the project.

Development of transport planning documents for projects to modernize the transport system of Taganrog.

Delivery of academic licenses of PTV Traffic Suite to universities in Russia and CIS countries (Georgia, Moldova, etc.).

Issue of the second edition of the study «Rating of Russian cities by the quality of public transport»
SIMETRA has implemented several international projects in the Middle East and Central Asia — Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Issue of the first Russian study — Ranking of Russian Cities by Quality of Public Transport

Completion of the complex project on the transport infrastructure development in the Leningrad region, with a launch of supportive information resources.

Provision of the largest deliveries of PTV Traffic Suite software in the history of cooperation with PTV Group.

Supply of the RITM³ analytical system to the city of Surgut.
A complete rebranding of the company "A+S Transproekt": the work in the market continued under a new name — SIMETRA.

SIMETRA has launched new work directions including solutions in the field of public transport and sustainable development projects.

The incorporation of Northwest Mapping Center LLC into the SIMETRA group resulted in a boost the professional competence in big data processing, route networks, and geoinformation systems.

Successful completion of complex projects on traffic management and infrastructure development in the cities of Chelyabinsk and Orenburg. The accomplishment of the Krasnodar public transport development project.

Supply of the RITM³ integration platform to Chelyabinsk agglomeration to operate the intelligent transport system of the city.
A+S Transproekt has become an utterly Russian company since the foreign co-founders have left the business.

Conclusion of direct contracts for software products supply with PTV Group and Schlothauer & Wauer marked the cooperation expansion with the international partners.

Supply of a record number of PTV software products in the 15-year history of our team.

Registration of the own-developed domestic solution for monitoring, modeling, and dispatching of traffic flows RITM³ was performed.

Development of a national transport model of the Russian Federation as part of the solution according to the functional task «Мodeling of traffic flows» of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.
Implementation of the project on modeling and optimization of pedestrian flows on the territory of the World exhibition ASTANA Expo 2017, in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A+S Transproekt LLC received the status «Friend of the Exhibition» and became the official transport consultant of the World Exhibition ASTANA Expo 2017.

Participation in the implementation of the priority project of the Ministry of Transport of Russia «Safe and Quality Roads», as well as in projects on the development of infrastructure, transport master plans, and traffic organization improvement for many major urban agglomerations.

Development of several information services and mobile applications for the services of the State Committee for Transport Data Protection based on the Dynamic Transport Model of the Moscow agglomeration.
Supply of the domestic information-analytical system TransInfo developed by A+S Transproekt to the Traffic Management Centre of the Government of Moscow.

Implementation of the first Russian project of detailed analysis of passenger flows in several transport-transfer hubs at the stations of the high-speed «Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan» high-speed railway.
Development and obtaining a certificate of state registration of the TransInfo information and analytical system.

Enhanced cooperation with Schlothauer&Wauer, with the supply of the first licenses of the LISA+ software product for optimization of traffic light operation.

A+S Transproekt LLC became a member of the Association of Transportation Engineers (ATI), a non-profit association of specialists in the field of the development of transportation systems and ensuring their effective functioning.
Development of Russia's first dynamic transport model based on the PTV Optima software solution.

Implementation of the first project on forecasting intercontinental freight traffic of the transport corridor «Europe-Western China» for the Eastern Partnership countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus).

10th-anniversary meeting of PTV Vision Traffic Suite software users in Kazan.

Confirmation of the «Best Partner» status of PTV Group.
Opening of the office of A+S Transproekt LLC in Moscow.

Start the project to create the Unified Transport Model (UTM) of Russian highways for the state company «Avtodor».

Development of Russia's first operator model for the operational management of traffic flows at fare collection points of the toll road section "Northern bypass of Odintsovo".

Confirmation of PTV Group's «Best Partner» status.
Creation of St Petersburg's first state information system «St.Petersburg Transport Model».

Development of a transport model for the city of Moscow; delivery of the software for further operation within the Traffic Management Centre of the Government of Moscow.

«A+S Transproekt» has received "PTV Group's Best Partner" status for the first time.
The first project to forecast traffic flows for the subsequent operation of the federal highway M-3 «Ukraine» on a toll basis.

Development of a methodology for forecasting traffic flows on toll road sections of the state company «Avtodor» and income estimation from their operation.

Development of Russia's first transport masterplan to support the 2018 FIFA World Cup in St Petersburg.
Project of visualization of the route of the high-speed toll highway «Moscow-St. Petersburg».

Proposals for traffic management during the reconstruction of the Palace Bridge over the Neva River.
The first project to model pedestrian flows based on PTV Viswalk (Olympic Park, Sochi).

Development of the first transport model on the region-scale for the project «Creation of the first stage of the information system of the transport network of the Tver region (transport model)».

Development of the strategy of transport provision of the territory of «Zenith» stadium on Krestovsky Island.
Opening of a representative office of the German company A+S in Russia.

Delivery of the first PTV Vision Suite license in Russia.

Start of cooperation with the leading transport university of Russia - the Moscow State Automobile and Road Сonstruction Technical University MADI.

Development of the first transport multimodal macro models in PTV Visum for cities of Novy Urengoy (Russia) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Creation of the first simulation model in PTV Visum for the financial feasibility of the project in St. Petersburg.
Our team is able to solve a whole variety of transport problems which are common for modern Cities. We are a team of professionals in Transport Engineering including mathematicians, business and data analysts, economists and programmers.
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Vladimir Shvetsov
Deputy General Director
Dmitry Stavsky
Vladimir Shvetsov
Dmitry Stavsky
Technical Director, Ph.D.
Andrey Prokhorov
Executive Director
Elena Andreeva
Andrey Prokhorov
Elena Andreeva
Global Sales Director
Christian Boettger
Director of Public Transport Solutions
Vladimir Valdin
Christian Boettger
Vladimir Valdin
Director for Analytics
and Planning, Ph.D.
Vsevolod Morozov
Software Sales Director
Oleg Yakovenko
Vsevolod Morozov
Oleg Yakovenko
Transport Planning Team Leader
Sergey Blakitny
Head of the toll road group
Rustam Gizatullin
Sergey Blakitny
Rustam Gizatullin
Transport Simulation Team Leader
Yuri Kazikov
Head of Public Transport
Planning Team
Yuri Surnin
Yuri Kazikov
Yuri Surnin
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