Factories and Industrial facilities

Large industrial plants and production sites can often occupy large areas, within which plenty of complex technological processes take place. Roads, pedestrian traffic, delivery of goods, and control and monitoring of the current situation are the most urgent tasks for the industrial sector, and which SIMETRA has been dealing with for several years.

Due to the rich experience, our engineers can solve almost any of the above-mentioned tasks, creating not only a list of recommendations and arrangements for traffic flows in an enclosed area, but also deploying an integration platform for the situation center of the entire industrial facility.
Traffic management systems
Real-time systems that collect, monitor, analyze and visualize transport system data.
Traffic management systems
Vehicles monitoring
The information and analysis system for fleet monitoring is a transport monitoring and dispatching system for operational management and control of drivers and vehicles based on GPS/Glonass technology.
Vehicles monitoring
Emergency simulations
The method allows quantifying the development of the emerging situation in the event of an accident, natural hazard, catastrophe, natural or other disasters in crowded places — mainly transport infrastructure and cultural facilities.
Emergency simulations
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