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SIMETRA is capable of solving any transport problem in a modern city, from optimizing the operation of traffic lights at intersections to developing complete systems for managing traffic, freight and passenger flows.

Our solutions enable city authorities to overcome the challenges dictated by today’s rapid development of transport systems and help people move around the city quickly and comfortably.
Toll roads: traffic forecasts, fares, feasibility studies
A toll road is the most common option for an infrastructure project in a public-private partnership format, and it is essential for a future concessionaire to correctly evaluate the risks of participating in such a project. SIMETRA calculates traffic flow forecasts for toll roads using the best world practices.
Toll roads: traffic forecasts, fares, feasibility studies
Public transport concessions
Urban public transport is increasingly seen as an investment option by investors. In this case, the concessionaire must be aware of all possible risks already at the project negotiation stage, which can be assessed by means of a reliable passenger flow forecast.
Public transport concessions
Investment feasibility studies (public-private partnership projects)
Evaluation of possible risks for concessionaire participation in infrastructure projects of all scales, from the implementation of tolls on individual road segments to investments in public transport development.
Investment feasibility studies (public-private partnership projects)
Transport-pedestrian concepts and spatial modelling
When designing residential and commercial projects, it is always crucial to assess traffic and pedestrian flow patterns at the design stage, in order to avoid major traffic problems once the project is done.
Transport-pedestrian concepts and spatial modelling
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