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Our team is able to solve a whole variety of transport problems which are common for modern Cities, starting from the optimization of traffic lights at an intersection level, to the development of integrated transport management systems.

We support City Authorities to overcome the challenges dictated by need of dynamic development of transport networks, and provide them with solutions that allow its residents and guests to move quickly and comfortably to their destinations.
Transport Models
We develop static and dynamic predictive transport models of any scale and provide them to the Customer with a manual on their use and application. At the request of customers, we perform audits and make recommendations for the improvement of existing transport models.
Transport Models
Software products
SIMETRA develops its solutions as well as is an official partner of companies that specialize in software products for transport engineers — Schlothauer & Wauer, TomTom, and Optibus.
Software products
Audit and support
If you want to keep everything under control, we are here to help you. SIMETRA provides a project support service, where a team of the customer’s staff develops the project themselves under the supervision and guidance of SIMETRA experts.
Audit and support
Standards and Methodologies
SIMETRA experts are directly involved in the preparation and development of new standards and guidelines for the application of traffic forecasting and modelling methodologies to assess infrastructure projects.
Standards and Methodologies
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